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The Washington Post

Tips for preventing a fall or recovering from one

NBC News

Lung cancer deaths cut in half with AstraZeneca pill, large trial finds


Cure for Lung Cancer? Study Finds New Pill Cuts Risk of Death | Vantage with Palki Sharma


Lung Cancer Pill Cuts Risk of Dying by Half in Major Trial


AstraZeneca's Tagrisso slashes death risk in certain post-surgery lung cancer patients

Neuroscience News

Exercise Mitigates Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Yahoo Finance

Certain types of exercise can help ‘fight off’ type 2 diabetes—even if it runs in the family. 5 workouts to try


Physical activity can help fight the excessive genetic risk for type 2 diabetes

The Killeen Daily Herald

Glycemic Control Improved With Exercise in the Afternoon


How long you breastfeed may impact your child’s test scores later, study shows


Breastfeeding duration associated with improved educational outcomes in later life

Archives of Disease in Childhood

Association between breastfeeding duration and educational achievement in England: results from the Millennium Cohort Study

The Telegraph

Breastfed children 'more likely to achieve A-grade GCSEs'

FOX 26 Houston

Why are more Americans declining COVID-19 vaccine boosters?

The Guardian

Bowel cancer patients could be spared radiotherapy, US study suggests

Medpage Today

Omitting RT Safe in Many Locally Advanced Rectal Cancers

Geo News

Some bowel cancer patients may do better without radiotherapy

Daily Mail

Bowel cancer patients could be spared radiotherapy with no impact

Neuroscience News

Depression and Urban Deprivation: Unseen Accelerators of Biological Aging


Psychedelic-inspired drugs could relieve depression without causing hallucinations

The Daily Beast

Scientists May Have Found Exactly How LSD Treats Depression


Antidepressant Psychedelics With No Hallucinations May Finally Be Possible

Technology Networks

Study Shows How Psychedelic Drugs Rewire the Brain

WISN Milwaukee

Milwaukee resident has positive case of mpox, health department says

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Milwaukee positive mpox case identified, health officials say | FOX6 News Milwaukee

WISN 12 News

Case of mpox confirmed in Milwaukee

TMJ4 News

37th mpox case confirmed in city of Milwaukee; officials warn residents to take precautions

Local coverage


Brain Abscesses Have Skyrocketed In US Children In Last 2 Years, CDC Says

Fox News

Washington woman with tuberculosis arrested, jailed after refusing to isolate: 'Necessary intervention'


Washington woman arrested for refusing tuberculosis treatment

Medpage Today

Opinion | Lessons From the Tuberculosis Woman on the Run

The Daily News

Tacoma woman refusing tuberculosis treatment arrested

Local coverage

JAMA Network

Discontinuation of Universal Admission Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and Hospital-Onset SARS-CoV-2 Infections in England and Scotland


A SARS-CoV-2 spike-targeting bispecific T-cell engager strategy for controlling SARS-CoV-2 infection

Medical Xpress

New monoclonal antibodies targeting ACE2 receptor could treat the next waves of SARS-CoV-2

Sequential intrahost evolution and onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2 variants

News On 6

Health Experts Offer Warning After Human Metapneumovirus Found In Tulsa


Little-Known Virus Surged In CA: What To Know


Signs and Symptoms of hMPV: What to Know About Virus That's Surging

The Indian Express

All about human metapneumovirus (HMPV), a respiratory illness causing symptoms like cough, fever, shortness of breath

New York Post

Testing company wrongly tells more than 400 people they likely have cancer


Hundreds mistakenly told they might have cancer after glitch, test company Grail says

CBS News

Health firm wrongly told hundreds of people they might have cancer


400 People Mistakenly Told They Have Cancer in Biotech Mishap

Good News Network

'Landmark' Peanut Allergy Skin Patch Desensitizes Toddlers Using Immunotherapy to Stop Allergic Reactions

Neuroscience News

Mosaic Mutations Reveal New Insights into Bipolar Disorder

Medical News Today

Common artificial sweetener may cause DNA damage, cancer

KERO 23 ABC News Bakersfield

Studies show 'Splenda,' other artificial sweeteners may damage human DNA

New Food

Chemical in sweetener "genotoxic", says research


This Common Artificial Sweetener Can Break Down DNA, Scientists Warn


Deep sleep emerges as potential shield against Alzheimer's memory decline

Sleep loss impairs memory of smells, worm research shows


Electric stimulation in the brain improves memory performance in epileptic patients


Enhancing Memory With Deep-Brain Stimulation During Sleep

Medical Xpress

Study shows promising treatment for tinnitus

Statesman Journal

Pollen count nears historic level in Eugene, Salem, Oregon


Maryland resident has confirmed case of measles, the first case in the state since 2019


Maryland resident has confirmed case of measles, first case in the state since 2019

The Hill

First measles case in Maryland since 2019 confirmed

Maryland Matters

Md. health officials: Measles case in Montgomery Co. may have caused public exposure


Should a baby's DNA be sequenced at birth? Yes, new study suggests.


Large-scale comprehensive sequencing helps downstream medical care in newborns


Newborn sequencing IDs elevated disease risks for parents - STAT

Medical Xpress

DNA sequencing in newborns reveals years of actionable findings for infants and families


Defying the Aging Process: Groundbreaking Research Reveals That Our Muscles Reverse to an “Early-Life” State

New York Post

Deadly heart attacks are more common on Mondays, shocking study finds


Study: Heart attacks more likely on Monday | WION Shorts

Study Finds

Blue Mondays: Deadly heart attacks happen most often at start of week


Deadly Heart Attacks Peak On Mondays

Daily Mail

Cancer epidemic in young people laid bare: Colorectal cancer cases in under-40s DOUBLED by 2030

The Times

Global 'silver tsunami' of cancer cases in older adults is coming

The Irish Sun

UK faces a ‘silver tsunami’ of cancer in older people with cases set to surge 60% by 2040, doctors warn...


NHS faces 'silver tsunami' of older cancer patients as cases set to rise a third by 2040


The impact of sleep health on executive functions in older adults


When Not to Treat Cancer


Could ultra-processed foods be harmful for us?

Daily Mail

Which foods are ultra-processed and are they bad for you?

Channel 4 News

'This is an emergency': Dr Chris Van Tulleken on why ultra processed food fuels obesity, tooth decay and illness

Birmingham Live

What are ultra-processed foods and why you should avoid them according to experts

Neuroscience News

Mastering Motion: How Our Brains Predict to Perfect the Catch

Cognitive decline accelerates after heart attack, study finds

Yahoo Entertainment

Women Share How Mounjaro and Ozempic Have Helped Ease Their PCOS Symptoms: 'So Much More Than Weight Loss'

Deadliest Creature on Earth is Now Active in Upstate New York

MPR News

U of M expert warns of increasing likelihood of CWD transmission to humans


Oral estrogen-only use riskier than patch or vaginal cream for menopausal women, study says

'Ozempic Butt' and 'Ozempic Face': How Weight Loss Drugs May Affect Skin


Ozempic treats diabetes and helps with weight loss. But can it also treat addiction?

BBC Science Focus Magazine

Has Ozempic accidentally become a game-changing anti-anxiety drug?


‘Ozempic Butt’ is becoming a problem for some trying to lose weight with popular drug


Why do mosquitoes bite? The sweet blood myth busted

The Wall Street Journal

Cancer Doctors Rethink Aggressive Treatments - WSJ


mpox vaccination summer surge : Shots - Health News


COVID-like symptoms and summer illnesses now circulating in region


Horror Outbreak on Cruise Ship Leaves Over 150 Passengers Sick With Virus


Ketamine Can Treat Depression as Effectively as Electroconvulsive Therapy

Neuroscience News

Stem Cell Breakthrough: A Potential Cure for Baldness

New Atlas

Molecular manipulation stimulates hair growth in mice


Fine-tuning cell mechanics stimulates hair growth: Study

Medical Xpress

Softening stiff hair follicle stem cells with a microRNA regrows hair

Medical News Today

Can GLP-1 agonists lower cancer, heart disease, dementia risk?

Good News Network

Another Study Shows Daily Multivitamin for People Over 60 Slows Memory Decline That Comes With Aging


Flavanol consumption improves hippocampal memory function associated with cognitive aging

The Globe and Mail

Eating flavanol-rich foods can boost brain health, new study suggests

Yahoo! Voices

Not Getting Enough of This in Your Diet Could Lead to Memory Loss, Study Finds


How AI Helped Find a New Antibiotic to Fight a Deadly Superbug | Explained


Siouxsie Wiles: People plus machines find new treatment for superbug

The Indian Express

How researchers used AI to find an antibiotic against a superbug

New Scientist

Superbugs will struggle to evolve resistance to unusual new antibiotic


Why yesterday’s coffee can make you tired today

The Washington Post

You can reduce your odds of getting osteoporosis as you age

Medpage Today

For Your Patients: Osteoporosis and Fractures | MedPage Today

Osteoporosis doesn't mean the end of activity


Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: 10 Unusual Causes of Bone Loss Women Shouldn't Ignore |

Intestinal bacteria could help you live a very long life


The actual secret to living to 100 may have been found

Evening Standard

How to live beyond 100: Researchers think they have found the secret

The Mirror

The secret to living to 100 may already be lurking inside you, new study reveals

The Washington Post

Over 6 in 10 Native American women have poor heart health pre-pregnancy

Eat This, Not That

11 Supplements that Dietitians Actually Take


The dietary supplements to take (and avoid) in every decade of your life

How do I know which supplements I need to take?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Alzheimer's Association layoffs six Wisconsin employees


Physical fitness could potentially mitigate working memory impairments in individuals with depression

Yahoo Life

The Anti-Inflammatory Dinner Ingredient Experts Say Can Help With Weight Loss


7 Worst Foods for Your Immune System, According to a Dietitian


This Anti-Inflammatory Dinner Ingredient Experts Say Could Help Take Inches Off Your Waist

Daily Mail

Ecologist says he is immune to tick bites - his body KILLS them


Green Mediterranean Diet: How Eating Healthy Can Make Your Brain Younger


Alcohol Has Zero Health Benefits, So Is It Finally Time for Women to Stop Drinking?

CBS Chicago

Apparent measles outbreak inside Chicago Police District


10+ 5-Minute Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Recipes


Best breakfast foods to ‘help you lose twice as much weight’ according to a dietitian


5 Easy Dishes For Busy Mornings


Protein-Rich Breakfast Options Other Than Eggs


Quantifying the impact of intermittent fasting on appetite


How To Incorporate Religion into Intermittent Fasting

Jagran English

What Is Intermittent Fasting? Know Health Benefits Of This Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss

ABP Live

The Science Of Intermittent Fasting: Know How It Transforms Your Health And Well Being

Eat This, Not That

7 Gut-Melting Exercises You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less


A Catatonic Woman Awakened After 20 Years. Her Story May Change Psychiatry.


What Happened to April Burrell? Why She Suddenly Woke Up


She Was Catatonic 20 Years Before a Breakthrough


Doctors failed to spot cancer 'red flags' - report

Yahoo News UK

Woman, 45, had to have emergency surgery after doctors missed 'red flag' cancer symptoms


Woman, 45, had to have emergency surgery after doctors failed to spot 'red flag' cancer symptoms

Somerset Live

Woman 'failed' by NHS medics who missed dire warning signs of colon cancer


How many carbs per day should I eat? It's not just about weight loss.

Daily Mail

I'd never want to be cared for by an AI doctor - and here's why

ChatGPT accurately answers questions about common cancer myths, Huntsman study shows

Sydney Morning Herald

Second opinion: Doctors split over letting AI diagnose patients


My cancer diagnosis turned me into a jerk.


Why You Should Think Twice Before Eating Garden Veggie Straws

The Takeout

Every Type of Water at the Grocery Store, Decoded

The New York Times

For These Bird Flu Researchers, Work Is a Day at the Very 'Icky' Beach

Urinary Tract Infection: Know these 5 simple tips to prevent it

Parkinson's News Today

In Parkinson's Rit2 protein clears alpha-synuclein clumps from...

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